Smelly feet are a common condition and it could be happened to each of us especially when we wear shoes on a daily basis. Closed-toe shoes plus hot weather, sweating equals foot odour.The odour is produced by bacteria that grows in the shoes and attaches to the skin. It could be worse if you did not take good care of your foot.

Agnesia Foot Care powder contained Tri- Activ Botanical Complex which has the strong sweats absorbency helps to absorb excessive moisture . It also contain deodorant properties to mask the smell and reduce enlarged pore size. Agnesia Foot Care Powder is tested and proven kills 99.9% bacteria. A sprinkle of Agnesia Foot Care powder in the shoes before and after wearing them can help keep the shoes dry and inhibit the bacteria growth. Therefore, keeping your feet fresh all day long.

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  • Use it every time after bath