Olederm Cleansing Soap cleanses skin while maintaining its moisture. It’s also ideal for sensitive skin or eczema type skin and can be used by toddlers up till the elderly

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How to use

  • Wet the affected part, apply soap and lather
  • Use twice daily or according to your doctor or dermatologist

Key Ingredients
Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Palm Kernelate


1Is Olederm Cleansing Soap suitable for everyone?
Yes because it is a mild cleanser that moisturises and also promotes rehydration of the skin.
2How does Liquid Paraffin works for our skin?
Light liquid paraffin is adsorbed on the skin, and provides an emollient film which reduces the loss of water from the outermost layer of the skin to the environment.
3How long does it takes for me to see the results?
You can see the results immediately after use.
4How long should I use Olederm Cleansing Soap?
You should continuously use Olederm Cleansing Soap to maintain your skin's moisture.

Real Family Real Story

  • Ng Yen Lin
    I used many moisturising soap but some doesn't provide me the moisturising that my skin needs or some doesn't have the scent that I like. After searching around, my friend recommended me Olederm and after I use it, my skin becomes soft and supple. I also like the scent on Olederm as it has a fresh scent.
    Ng Yen Lin
    IT Manager, 50
  • Roslinda Taufik
    My teenage daughter has eczema and she cannot simply use any soaps. Her skin tends to get itchy, dry and flaky. Since she started using Olederm, her skin improved and I strongly recommend Olederm for those who has eczema.
    Roslinda Taufik
    Entrepreneur, 38
  • Michael Raj
    I have dry and sensitive skin. I cannot use harsh soaps because it worsens my skin condition. I've tried many soaps and eventually I found that the mildness of Olederm is most suitable for my skin.
    Michael Raj
    Credit Control Executive, 32