Biosulphur Plus cleansing soap is formulated to help with acne, ringworm, athlete’s foot or other skin fungal conditions

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How to use

  • Wet the affected part, apply soap and lather
  • Leave on a few minutes before rinsing off
  • Use twice daily or according to your doctor or dermatologist

Key ingredients
1.5% Biosulphur, 2.0% Salicylic Acid


1Is Biosulphur Plus Cleansing Soap suitable for everyone?
Biosulphur Plus Cleansing Soap contains Salicylic Acid. Below are the groups of people who should consult their physician before use:
  1. Allergic to Salicylic Acid
  2. Children under 2 years of age
  3. Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  4. People facing certain medical conditions such as liver or skin disorders, skin conditions such as eczema, diabetes and abnormal blood circulation.
  5. People who are allergic to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or aspirin.
  6. Young people with chicken pox, the flu or other viral infections.
2Are there any side effects of using Biosulphur Plus Cleansing Soap?
We have no record of any complaints.
3Can I use Biosulphur Plus Cleansing Soap individually?
Yes, but to maintain a healthy skin condition, we recommend the use of Agnesia Antibacterial Powder for best effect.

Real Family Real Story

  • Ahmad Fauzi b. Mohd Naim
    I used to suffer from ringworms and I was introduced by my friend to use Agnesia BioSulphur Plus. I tried bathing using BioSulphur Plus and I can begin to see my skin improving. I like the texture of the soap too as it is smooth with a nice fragrance. I highly recommend this product as it is good for fungal infections.
    Ahmad Fauzi b. Mohd Naim
    Student, 21
  • Tan Xi Yi
    I suffer from adult acne and I've tried many medicated soaps but they usually cause excessive drying. I was discussing this with a retail assistant when I was introduced to Agnesia Biosulphur Plus. After using it, I found it to be effective and non-drying. Now my skin texture has improved and I'm more confident!
    Tan Xi Yi
    Blogger, 24
  • Chia Sze Mun
    My husband was using sulphur soaps for his rashes which caused an unpleasant smell in our bathroom. Ever since he has been using Agnesia BioSulphur Plus, that smell is gone from our home and off him!
    Chia Sze Mun
    Communications Manager, 34
  • Joshua Lee
    I started using Agnesia BioSulphur Plus and it works wonderfully on the rash and soothed the itching. My friends noticed the difference and even asked me about it. I simply reply, "It's Agnesia BioSulphur Plus!"
    Joshua Lee
    Network Engineer, 26