Agnesia Antiseptic Dusting Powder

I have a 6 month-old baby boy who is prone to diaper rash. Thanks to my mom, I started using Agnesia Antiseptic Dusting Powder on my baby. Now, each time I change his diapers, I notice his condition has improved and he is happy now. Agnesia Antiseptic Dusting Powder is always the trusted product in my family.

Nur Rahimah bt Mat Zain  |  Housewife, 28  |  View Products


I was elated to find this product! My family have been using this product for years, especially in this hot and humid Malaysian weather. I have yet fo find another product as fast-acting for prickly heat and rashes. I think the zinc content in the ingredients is the key to the quick relief because I can see the results the next day.

Norasyikin Samad  |  Sales Support Executive, 32  |  View Products


A friend recommended this product to me for my son who is active in school and sweats a lot. He has rashes on his neck from sweating and I always apply Agnesia Antiseptic Dusting Powder to absorb moisture which also helps to control perspiration odor. His condition has improved with this product. The product has been in the market for over 30 years and it's a great!!

Lee Shi Yan  |  Housewife, 36  |  View Products


Always on the move because of my work, I tend to sweat heavily and suffer from body odor. When my passengers expressed discomfort riding in my taxi, I knew it was time to act. I saw an advertisement on television about Agnesia Antiseptic Dusting Powder and decided to try it. It works great for me and even my passengers are thankful.

Sathiyaa Dass  |  Taxi Driver, 45  |  View Products